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King L, Wienhues G, Misra P, Tylmann W, Lami A, Bernasconi SM, Jaggi M, Courtney-Mustaphi C, Muschick M, Ngoepe N, Mwaiko S, Kishe MA, Cohen A, Heiri O, Seehausen O, Vogel H, Grosjean M & Matthews B

Anthropogenic eutrophication drives major food web changes in Mwanza Gulf, Lake Victoria

Ecosystems (2024) pdf link

Berke M, Peppe D & the Lake Victoria Drilling Project consortium

ICDP workshop on the Lake Victoria Drilling Project (LVDP): scientific drilling of the world’s largest tropical lake

Scientific Drilling (2024) pdf link


Ngoepe N, Merz A, King L, Wienhues G, Kishe MA, Mwaiko S, Misra P, Grosjean M, Matthews B, Courtney-Mustaphi C, Heiri O, Cohen A, Tinner W, Muschick M & Seehausen O

Testing alternative hypotheses for the decline of cichlid fish in Lake Victoria using fish fossils time series from sediment cores

Biology Letters (2024) pdf link

Wienhues G, Lami A, Bernasconi SM, Jaggi M, Morlock MA, Vogel H, Cohen A, Courtney-Mustaphi C, Heiri O, King L, Kishe MA, Misra P, Muschick M, Ngoepe N, Matthews B, Seehausen O, Temoltzin-Loranca Y, Tinner W & Grosjean M

Latest Pleistocene and Holocene aquatic primary paleo-production and producer communities in phase with hydroclimate changes in Lake Victoria, eastern Africa

Quaternary Science Reviews (2024) pdf link

King L, Courtney-Mustaphi C, Cuenca-Cambronero M, Wienhues G, Ngoepe N, Temoltzin-Loranca Y, Muschick M, Vogel H, Grosjean M, Tinner W, Kishe MA, Heiri O, Seehausen O & Matthews B

Temporal dynamics of invertebrate community assembly in Lake Victoria since the Late Pleistocene based on chitinous remains

Freshwater Biology (2024) pdf link

Wienhues G, Temoltzin-Loranca Y, Vogel H, Morlock MA, Cohen A, Anselmetti FS, Bernasconi SM, Jaggi M, Tylmann W, Kishe MA, King L, Ngoepe N, Courtney-Mustaphi C, Muschick M, Matthews B, Mwaiko S, Seehausen O, Tinner W & Grosjean M

From desiccation to wetlands and outflow: rapid re-filling of Lake Victoria during the Latest Pleistocene 14–13 ka

Journal of Great Lakes Research (2023) pdf link

Muschick M, Jemmi E, Lengacher N, Hänsch S, Wales N, Kishe MA, Mwaiko S, Dieleman J, Lever MA, Salzburger W, Verschuren D & Seehausen O

Ancient DNA is preserved in fish fossils from tropical lake sediments

Molecular Ecology (2023) pdf link


Ngoepe N, Muschick M, Kishe MA, Mwaiko S, Temoltzin-Loranca Y, Courtney-Mustaphi C, King L, Cuenca-Cambronero M, Wienhues G, Grosjean M, Matthews B & Seehausen O

A continuous fish fossil record reveals key insights into adaptive radiation

Nature 622:315-320 (2023) pdf link news&views


Temoltzin-Loranca Y, Gobet E, Vannière B, van Leeuwen JFN, Wienhues G, Courtney-Mustaphi C, Kishe MA, Muschick M, King L, Misra P, Ngoepe N, Matthews B, Vogel H, Heiri O, Seehausen O, Grosjean M & Tinner W

Ecological long-term successions around Lake Victoria from the Late-Glacial to the onset of the Holocene African Humid Period

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (2023) pdf link

Temoltzin-Loranca Y, Gobet E, Vannière B, van Leeuwen JFN, Wienhues G, Szidat S, Courtney-Mustaphi C, Kishe MA, Muschick M, Seehausen O, Grosjean M & Tinner W

A chronologically reliable record of 17,000 years of biomass burning in the Lake Victoria area

Quaternary Science Reviews 301:107915 (2023) pdf link

Chaturvedi S, Gompert Z, Feder JF, Osborne OG, Muschick M, Riesch R, Soria-Carrasco V & Nosil P

Climatic similarity and genomic background shape the extent of parallel adaptation in Timema stick insects

Nature Ecology & Evolution 6:1952–1964 (2022) pdf link preprint

Muschick M, Nikolaeva E, Rüber L & Matschiner M

The mitochondrial genome of the red icefish (Channichthys rugosus) casts doubt on its species status

Polar Biology 45:1541–1552 (2022) pdf link preprint

Cuenca-Cambronero M, Courtney-Mustaphi CJ, Greenway R, Heiri O, Hudson CM, King L, Lemmen KD, Moosmann M, Muschick M, Ngoepe N, Seehausen O & Matthews B

An integrative paleolimnological approach for studying evolutionary processes

Trends in Ecology and Evolution 37:488-496 (2022pdf link

Monchamp ME, Bruel R, Frossard V, McGowan S, Lavrieux M, Muschick M, Perga ME & Dubois N

Paleoecological evidence for a multi-trophic regime shift in a perialpine lake (Lake Joux, Switzerland)

Anthropocene 35:100301 (2021) pdf link

Villoutreix R, de Carvalho CF, Soria-Carrasco V, Lindtke D, De-la-Mora M, Muschick M, Feder JL, Parchman TL, Gompert Z & Nosil P

Large-scale mutation in the evolution of a gene complex for cryptic coloration

Science 369:460-466 (2020) pdf link

Muschick M*, Soria-Carrasco V*, Feder JL, Gompert Z & Nosil P

Adaptive zones shape the magnitude of premating reproductive isolation in Timema stick insects

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 375:20190541 (2020) pdf link


Russell JM, Barker P, Cohen AS, Ivory S, Kimirei, Lane C, Leng M, Maganza N, McGlue M, Msaky E, Noren A, Park Boush L, Salzburger W, Scholz C, Tiedemann R, Nuru S & the Lake Tanganyika Scientific Drilling Project (TSDP) Consortium 

ICDP workshop on the Lake Tanganyika Scientific Drilling Project: a late Miocene–present record of climate, rifting, and ecosystem evolution from the world’s oldest tropical lake

Scientific Drilling 27:53-60 (2020) pdf link


Dieleman J*, Muschick M*, Nyingi WD & Verschuren D

Species integrity and origin of Oreochromis hunteri (Pisces: Cichlidae), endemic to crater Lake Chala (Kenya-Tanzania)

Hydrobiologia 832:269-282 (2019) pdf link

Kovac R, Boileau N, Muschick M & Salzburger W

The diverse prey spectrum of the Tanganyikan scale-eater Perissodus microlepis (Boulenger, 1898)

Hydrobiologia 832:85-92 (2019) pdf link

Muschick M, Russell JM, Jemmi EI, Walker J, Stewart KM, Murray AM, Dubois N, Stager JC, Johnson TC & Seehausen O

Arrival order and release from competition does not explain why haplochromine cichlids radiated in Lake Victoria

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285:20180462 (2018) pdf link

Muschick M & Salzburger W

Adaptive radiation: An archipelago replete with replicates

Current Biology 28:R565-R567 (2018) pdf link

Riesch R*, Muschick M*, Lindtke D*, Villoutreix R*, Comeault AA, Farkas T, Lucek K, Hellen E, Soria-Carrasco V, Dennis SR, de Carvalho CF, Safran RJ, Sandoval CP, Feder J, Gries R, Crespi BJ, Gries G, Gompert Z* & Nosil P

Transitions between phases of genomic differentiation during speciation

Nature Ecology & Evolution 1:0082 (2017) pdf link

Janzen T, Alzate A, Muschick M, Maan M, van der Plas F & Etienne RS

Community assembly in Lake Tanganyika cichlid fish: quantifying the contributions of both niche-based and neutral processes

Ecology & Evolution 7:1057-1067 (2017) pdf link


Spinks R, Muschick M, Salzburger W & Gante H

Singing above the chorus: cooperative Princess cichlid fish (Neolamprologus pulcher) has high pitch

Hydrobiologia 791:115-125 (2016) pdf link


Boileau N, Cortesi F, Egger B, Muschick M, Indermaur A, Theis A, Büscher HH & Salzburger W

A complex mode of aggressive mimicry in a scale-eating cichlid fish

Biology Letters 11:20150521 (2015) pdf link


Comeault AA, Riesch R, Curran E, Soria-Carrasco V, Gompert Z, Farkas TE, Muschick M, Parchman TL, Schwander T, Slate J & Nosil P

Selection on a genetic polymorphism counteracts ecological speciation in a stick insect

Current Biology 25:1975-1981 (2015) pdf link


Muschick M, Nosil P, Roesti M, Dittmann MT, Harmon L & Salzburger W

Testing the stage model in the adaptive radiation of cichlid fishes in East African Lake Tanganyika

Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281:1795 (2014) pdf link


Nosil P, Riesch R & Muschick M

Climate affects geographic variation in host-plant but not mating preferences of Timema cristinae stick-insect populations

Evolutionary Ecology Research 15:1-16 (2013) pdf link


Colombo M, Diepeveen E, Muschick M, Santos E, Indermaur A, Boileau N, Barluenga M & Salzburger W

The ecological and genetic basis of convergent thick-lipped phenotypes in cichlid fishes

Molecular Ecology 22:670-684 (2013) pdf link


Muschick M, Indermaur A & Salzburger W

Convergence within an adaptive radiation of cichlid fishes

Current Biology 22:2362-2368 (2012) pdf link dispatch


Dittmann M, Roesti M, Indermaur A, Colombo M, Gschwind M, Keller I, Kovac R, Muschick M & Salzburger W

Depth-dependent abundance of Midas cichlid fish (Amphilophus spp.) in two Nicaraguan crater lakes

Hydrobiologia 686:277-285 (2012) pdf link


Rutschmann S, Matschiner M, Damerau M, Muschick M, Lehmann MF, Hanel R & Salzburger W

Parallel ecological diversification in Antarctic notothenioid fishes as evidence for adaptive radiation

Molecular Ecology 20:4707-4721 (2011) pdf link


Muschick M, Barluenga M, Salzburger W & Meyer A

Adaptive phenotypic plasticity in the Midas cichlid fish pharyngeal jaw and its relevance in adaptive radiation

BMC Evolutionary Biology 11:116 (2011) pdf link


Barluenga M*, Stölting KN*, Salzburger W*, Muschick M & Meyer A

Sympatric speciation in a Nicaraguan crater lake cichlid fish

Nature 439:719-723 (2006) pdf link


* = equal contribution

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